The Positions
"Back to Me"

"HS Dance"
Building a Working Model

"Down to the Road"
Dearly Departed

The Fairline Parkway
The Fairline Parkway

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Several features and interviews with Pagoda were recently published. Check out the features from the DCist, the Washington City Paper, and On Tap online.

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Helena Kvarnstrom | "Violence"

[ LL006 | Winter 2005 ]

"Violence cuts into that corner of your consciousness where desire is stripped raw and revealed for all its potential fierceness, wonder and danger. Like revisiting the first words and sounds to simultaneously electrify and terrify your heart -- a spooky-seductive fairy tale, your favorite record when you were 14 -- Helena's stories make you reach back and grasp onto your most unfettered and soul-stirring notions of the powers of love, sex, despair, beauty and obsession."
-- Elizabeth Barker, Venus contributor

The Positions | "Bliss!"

[ LL005 | Fall 2005 ]

The pop single is where The Positions find their inspiration and put their devotion. It's the singles from the '60's (think Phil Spector and the Zombies), the early '80's (think Dexy's Midnight Runners, the Attractions and The Style Council) and current indiepop (think Beulah and uptempo Belle and Sebastian) that rock their world, float their boat and twirl their ticket. The Positions are happy when their choruses won't leave your head, when you can't stand still, and you reach for the rewind button.

The Roofwalkers (the band formerly known as Pagoda) | "Dearly Departed"

[ LL004 | 2004 ]

"Combining the dreaminess of Yo La Tengo and the Americana of My Morning Jacket, Pagoda's debut is gentle and subdued...In between bookended instrumentals, Dearly Departed shuffles along with lovely lap steel ('Throwing Stones,' its most upbeat few minutes), hints of Galaxie 500 and Yo La Tengo, and reverb-drenched toy piano that recalls Mercury Rev ('Piano Song')...." (Kenyon Hopkin, "All Music Guide")

Mantissa | "Building A Working Model"

[ LL003 | 2003 ]

"Mantissa -- anchored by Brian McGrath and Nathan Jones, with selected outside assistance -- offers calm amidst chaos on their entrancing album, 'Building a Working Model.' Ten disconnected dispatches for lost, lonely souls everywhere, these are simple, melodic poptones achieved with not-so-simple means, built upon spidery minimalism and occasionally atypical percussion." (Jeff Clark, "Stomp and Stammer")

The Fairline Parkway | Self-Titled

[ LL002 | 2002 ]

"An immediate comparison to a soft-spoken act such as Belle & Sebastian will come to mind when listening to the debut from the Fairline Parkway. And though both bands share a love for season-changing chamber pop, the Fairline Parkway pull it off with just two core members. Zachary Okun (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards) and Raj Gadhia (guitar, vocals, keyboards) fill out the record with daydreamy {folk-rock} that could easily be the soundtrack for a lazy summer day." (The All Music Guide)

Various Artists | "The Ladder Failed"

[ LL001 | 2001 ]

"The bands on 'The Ladder Failed' don't seem to share any particular stylistic bent, although there is a generally mellow vibe that makes for a reasonably cohesive listen. There's bleepy electronica, fuzzy guitar pop and even a bit of improvised fusion here; it's a diverse collection of tracks that have clearly been selected for merit rather than allegiance to any particular scene or style." (Splendid Ezine)